Welcome to our New Home!


And a new home comes with a new address, right? Well, here you are at our new place! Now wasn’t that easy? After realizing the need for a bilingual blog, we found our old framework didn’t give us enough flexibility. And so began the search for a new one. And since our old address, A […]

It’s All Grace


Paul bragged about the Thessalonian church, telling how patient they were, and how they kept having faith, even while going through trouble and suffering. But he also prayed, that God, by his grace, would keep them strong and humble. Faith, love, and patience are characteristics of a true Christian. And the increase of these traits […]

Much to Do, So Little Time


Some days it seems my heart overflows with things to say, thoughts I’d like to share here. Like lately. But we’re still here at the church in northern Italy, and trying to make the most of our time, as we don’t get to see these ‘kids’ as often as we’d like. Days crammed full, of […]

The Church is Not a Concert Hall


  The temple musicians had no other work. They stayed in the temple singing day and night. What a perfect picture of the heavenly temple, where the praise song “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord” around God’s throne never ceases. How would our modern worship change, I wonder, if we took this example to heart? […]

A Silence That Speaks Loudly


  Four years into his reign, King Solomon started building God’s temple, a peculiar building, from start to finish. It was the Lord’s own house, planned, directed, and modeled by him; the first earthly building totally dedicated to God and devoted to his honor, giving it a special sort of beauty. “Solomon’s temple is the […]

Are you a Speck Finder?


  This is the Sabbath! No one is allowed to carry a mat on the Sabbath! — John 5:10 The Pharisees were scandalized because Jesus had just healed a man who had been sick for thirty-eight years. Because it was a Saturday, and he had the man pick up his mat and walk. Significantly, this […]

Re-creation or Reformation?


  People often say that we need to make the world a better place. And I’m sure they mean spreading love and not hatred. Peace and not war. But I think we forget that ‘making the world better’ is not enough. A few changes and tweaks will not do it. The Scriptures tell us that […]