37 Years Together: Our Marriage Secrets

Saint’s Day 2013—for us, it means celebrating 37 years together! November 1st, All Saint’s Day, is a much celebrated holiday here in Italy. Most people have off work, and all banks, schools, and government agencies close.

But if you ask us, we’ll tell you that the real celebration is for True Love! Because it’s our anniversary! And what a great day we chose —because Mario always gets the day off work. The best anniversary present we could ever ask for is getting to spend the day together! Even if all we do is hang out together.

So we’ll be celebrating November 1st in a big way. After all, in today’s day and age, 37 years of marriage really is something to celebrate! We’re celebrating God’s faithfulness! In what ways have long-married couples you know inspired you? What do you think their secrets are?

Would you like to know our secrets? They’re really quite simple.

  1. Love your kids, and cherish them. But remember they’re really only welcome, temporary guests. They’ll be moving on. Your spouse is here to stay.
  2. Everyday there will be things to forgive. So just do it, and then move on.
  3. Don’t try to change your spouse. (That’s God’s job.) Ours is to just love them unconditionally.
  4. Accept your spouse, downfalls, short-comings, defects, and all. Just as you want him or her to accept you, in spite of your faults.
  5. Take time to pray together, and read God’s Word.
  6. Remember that happiness is marriage to your best friend. So take time to just be friends. And that means having fun together!
  7. And never forget that your spouse is just that—your BFF (best friend forever). Marriage is for keeps.

Our marriage secrets? We would sum it up by saying that marriage is for keeps. It’s worth keeping, and worth the work it takes.

And what makes it worth it is that you’re keeping your BFF (Best Friend Forever)!

[Old photo of us in Colorado taken by a friend; all right reserved.]

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