Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful? [Video]

I found this video encouraging. But it sadly shows what low self-esteem most of us have, women in particular. With the over-emphasis society places on physical appearance, we often concentrate on it too much. And feel we never measure up. But how about you? Don’t you know you’re beautiful?

Others often look past minor defects and see us in a more positive light than we see ourselves. But I’m especially encouraged that God sees each of us as beautiful creations. He made us with particular traits and quirks to make us unique and special.

And he views us just as my little grandchildren do their own drawings. Imperfect, and so messy no one else can figure them out. But in the artist’s eyes, beautiful works of art!

My husband, who knows me better than anyone, also encourages me. He tells me I’m beautiful because he knows me, inside and out. (I’m not so sure, but I’m glad he thinks so!)

But that’s something we tend to forget. We are more than just a face.

The women in this film tended to focus on their imperfect nose, jaw, or chin. But others noticed sparkly eyes, friendly smiles, and happy joyous spirits. True beauty—it isn’t only skin-deep. The start of a new year is a perfect time to change how we think about ourselves! We need to get a glimmer of how others perhaps see us!

Don’t you know? You are beautiful!

[Video via Dove US/YouTube.]

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