A Simple Wardrobe in Italy, the Land of Fashion?

How many clothes do we need? And how much should we spend? Clothing, is just supposed to serve as a covering”. Hmmm…doesn’t take a closet full to cover us, does it? But the fact is, clothes mean much more than that to us. We use them to boost our self-esteem or make a good impression. Or to either make a unique fashion statement, or fit in and not feel like an oddball. And we even shop as therapy for depression or boredom.

But should clothing define who we are? All we really need is a covering for our body. Something to make us decent and keep us warm.

I’ve often used to open my overstuffed closet, thinking “I’ve nothing to wear.” And then bought impulsively, trying to fill an imaginary need for clothing.

Is a simple wardrobe in Italy, the Land of Fashion, possible?

In case you didn’t know, Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design. Actually if you didn’t know, I wonder where you’ve lived. Italian design became prominent during the 11th-12th centuries, when Italy’s artistic development was at its peak.

So fashion is extremely important here. People dress up even to run errands, or buy groceries! Contentment with the wardrobe is a constant struggle, because it’s hard not to make comparisons. It’s easy to feel like a Plain Jane. And that we never measure up.

But fashion is a shaky foundation for self-worth.

Outward appearance is not who we are. Shoes and purses, miracle makeup, and perfect hairstyles come and go. So placing our value and self-worth on them, puts them on pretty shaky ground, doesn’t it?

So we try to remember that what really counts is our inner self.

A pure heart and right spirit are lasting. Unlike physical beauty, they need never fade away. Now that’s a sure foundation for self-worth. And that helps make a simple wardrobe possible, even in Italy!

Do you often think “I’ve nothing to wear?” Maybe you’re trying to find self-worth in clothing.

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

16 thoughts on “A Simple Wardrobe in Italy, the Land of Fashion?

  1. I’ve had a simple wardrobe for a decade or so now. My summer wardrobe consists of a few tunics, a few pairs of leggings, a few dresses, an every day pair of shoes, a nicer pair, and I’m done! I carry the same bag each day, wear the same watch, and alternate between a pair of white pearl and black pearl earrings.

    Most of these things carry over from year to year too! I got new shoes, one new pair of leggings and one tunic this summer. Everything else is carried over from previous years. I don’t even have to store my clothing between seasons because there is not much of it.

    The funny part (as the 333 project website notes) is that I get many nice compliments on how stylish and put together I am. I think it’s because everything is streamlined. It is more like how people used to think of their clothing in the past. No regular person had a closet crammed with clothing. They had a few things, made sure they were mended and pressed, and got on with things 🙂

    Nice to see other people out there doing this!


    1. Wow, you’ve really streamlined! Nice work! Leggings would make a simpler way to dress, but they’re not appropriate for me at age 55 (at least that’s what I think.) You know the funny thing about all this is that I already had a 333 wardrobe, because the things I was actually wearing were the ones that went into the capsule. And since those are the clothes I’ve been wearing for several seasons now, I should have gotten rid of the all the other stuff long ago! But, unfortunately, I’m a great one for saving things for that ‘rainy day’! Thanks for commenting and for the encouraging word!


  2. God is saying, “Set that stuff down. You’re carrying burdens you don’t need to bear.” Jesus says in Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” – I found this writing by Max Lucado. Thanks for the post!


    1. I think we have a hard time ‘setting this stuff down’ because, as the Project 333 website states, we use clothing as a way to make ourselves feel better. It’s probably a deep-seated insecurity, at least that’s what I sensed in my own life. But you know, I’m starting to think that I’ll feel more confident than before. Because I kept only the things that I really like, that I feel good in, and that look good on me. Don’t you think that’s sure to give me a confidence boost? Thanks for commenting!


      1. You are so right! Where is our confidence? Less is so much more. Thanks again and have a great weekend.


    1. Yes, that’s what I found. It was getting priorities straight that helped make a difference. And so far I’m loving it! Thanks for all your input…I love it!


  3. I’ve made tremendous progress in “minimalizing” my life–reducing my possessions by about 3 quarters–and the clothing thing has always been the hardest area for me. I’ve made progress in this area, but not enough to satisfy me. This is a great reminder to keep working towards that goal. Thanks for posting! I feel another purge coming on! 🙂


    1. Glad it helped! I will probably continue to purge in that area, but for now I feel pretty content with the progress made. This project was a big help to me.


  4. An excellent principle. Can you believe I’m not sure I’ve got enough decent things to add to the list? Plenty of old worn stuff I don’t really like anymore. Maybe time for a purge anyway.


    1. Not unless you want to, Ron! It’s really about the place “stuff” has in our hearts, than the amount of it we have. And about realizing that our self-worth is found in being God’s children, not in a fancy wardrobe!!


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