The Much of Little

Traveling by train takes me back to our early car-less years here in Italy. When my husband rode an old moped 12 miles (20 km) to work, rain, snow, or sunshine. Italy’s public transport enables car-free living in some areas. But no buses passed our cluster of houses near that Varese province village.

So our sole outings were our 3-mile (4,8 km) treks to town. With funds as scarce as passing buses, even ice cream or cappuccino were but rare treats. But towing our wheeled shopping bag, we enjoyed the special times of long talks and singing. Seldom feeling deprived.

And indeed felt really spoiled after getting our first TV (in 1989)!

Thoroughly enjoying watching Furia, il Cavallo del West (Fury, Brave Stallion), La Ruota della Fortuna (The Wheel of Fortune), and wholesome old Disney movies. While munching hand-cranked popcorn from our stove top popper. [Watch the theme song, below!]

Even drying laundry on the small folding rack was a real challenge. Especially in that tiniest and dampest of all our homes! Sure, these challenges complicated life. But it was, at the same time, also more simple.

But it was because we didn’t have much, that we appreciated that little we did have all the more.

Progress has brought the west so many things, and we race to get it all. Bigger homes, nicer furniture, bigger and flatter TVs, thinner phones, and new cars. Often working overtime to afford it all, with little time to truly enjoy it.

At times we barely had enough. But we were wealthy in life’s true riches!

A loving family, a great marriage, and countless good friends. Health, happiness, joy, communion with the Lord. AND time to appreciate it all! No car — but more time to enjoy the flowers! No clothes-dryer — but more fresh air hanging laundry out! No phone of any kind — but no bills either! A super tiny house — but easier to clean!

It’s true that we had few things. But we did have the much of little, which made us so very rich!

When we count our blessings, we don’t have much time to wish for more! Try it!

[Video via webmasterciaktube/YouTube.]

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

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