The Path of the Wise Men

We travel a different path. Several years ago we ventured out, trying to follow the path of the wise men, to a simpler, more meaningful Christmas. One that focuses on the real meaning, and that keeps it as the bright and shining star. Not atop a Christmas tree, but glowing in our hearts. And it all started with the question from the the following poem.

What If At Christmastime This Year?

What if we concentrated less on the parties and the shopping, that bring headaches, strain, and stress? What if we cut back on our lights and decorations, and spent more of our energy on faithful celebrations? What if we took some time to travel back in thought to a Holy Night in Bethlehem, and the peace our Savior brought? What if we listened carefully for the angels’ song at night and contemplated the shining star that gave the world new light? What if we all followed the path the wise men trod? Then perhaps we’d start to understand…What Christmas means to God, (Anonymous).

What would have happened if the wise men celebrated Christmas like us, with lavish meals and piles of gifts — for each other?

They might have forgotten to go and worship the King. Or been too busy to hear God’s warning to stay away from Herod, putting the Christ child at risk?

But they didn’t forget. They were wise men. They kept their eyes on the star, and their hearts on their purpose. And fell before him in worship, knowing that is the only gift any of us can ever really give him.

So on the path we’re following, there are no tree or lights, and but few decorations. No stress or headaches from shopping and parties. But we don’t miss them, because we’re too busy thinking about what Christmas means to God!

How sad, if in the midst of celebrating HIM, we forget about him, and even miss what he’s trying to say.

We wouldn’t be wise men at all then, would we?

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

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