Flip Flops in the Snow

Tattered sack of belongings over his shoulder, we watched as he gingerly stepped along, futilely trying to keep his bare feet from the snow. Miserable, destitute, and amidst the throng of the huge city, unnoticed—or nearly.

Unused to such sights it was shocking and heartbreaking to us. But life in any metropolis is often frightening, and for the desperately poor, sadly lacking in the basic dignity all human beings should be shown.

But seeing a taxi driver, there in midday downtown Manhattan, pull his car to the curb, and race over to put a pair of flip-flops on that man’s feet, startled us even more.

Flip flops in the snow.

Those flip-flops, made for warm beaches, though inadequate, at least put a layer between his bare feet and snow.

And while I fear actions like this are rare, it was truly heart-warming to see! May it be an inspiration to us all to live in such a way that we, too, can give like that taxi driver.

I wonder, how many things like that does he keep in his car, just waiting to find someone who needs them? And, I wonder, did he forgo buying an extra pair of shoes, new computer gadget, or useless bauble, just so he could fill his trunk with such things?

What will you put in your car trunk today? I know what’s going into mine!

(We witnessed this scene while visiting family in New York.)

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

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