A Full and Happy Simple Life [Video]

At year’s end, many of us make plans and resolutions, which is positive. It shows our willingness to grow and change! But it also reveals that perhaps we don’t feel totally satisfied with the direction we’re going or progress made. But New Year’s resolutions from our experience, rarely seem to work. So we’ve got a different idea this year!

Maybe, like the business consultant in the following video, what we need is a total change of perspective. Perhaps we’re seeking satisfaction in things. Either in having things. Or in filling our lives with activities.

But if things and activities could bring happiness, the rich and workaholics would be the happiest people in the world!

Society pushes success. But for what, we wonder? Many strive all their lives for it and to have more things and enough for retirement. Then, retirement age arrives, and they no longer have either the health or energy to keep up with it all. And it becomes necessary to downsize and declutter, per create a simpler, calmer life!

Only to find that in older life, they have either the desire or necessity to downsize and go at a slower pace. When perhaps, they no longer even have the energy or health to enjoy that relaxed life!

But we have found that some of our happiest times were also our simplest. Perhaps because fewer distractions helped us see, and appreciate, the more meaningful things of life. Things like God, family, and friends.

So our idea of a full and happy life?

Work for the essentials. And learn to be content with little.

And that’s why we liked the simple fisherman in this video, determined to sail his own course. Toward his own idea of a full and happy life. And he didn’t spend time chasing a dream which he knew he already held in this hands!

Watch the video! Then tell us who you agree with: the simple fisherman or the business consultant?

[Video via TheGoodLife/YouTube.]

As for us? We think it’s about time for a glass of wine on the veranda! Care to join us?

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

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