The Poor Man’s Sunroom

My husband invented the poor man’s sunroom during our early years here. When we learned to make do or do without. Anyone who’s worked with non-profits knows that money is often scarce. Well, those drug rehab ministries seemed worse off than most.

Twice we lived in camping trailers. Once in the dead of winter with no heat. We quickly learned to even check the food. Scarce, and often expired, it sometimes had inhabitants! But hardest for me, was constantly feeling cold.

Naturally cold-blooded, I automatically seek the warmest spots. If a cat, I’d surely be the first to jump on a car’s warm hood. Or curl up on the fireplace rug. Only at night, buried below mountains of blankets, hats, scarves, and mittens, did we find a measure of relief.

Until the day I found my husband reading in the car!

Alone for the day, the others off on some outing, we were free to spend the day as wished. Well, our only wish was getting warm! “Grab a book and come get warm!” he called. A command quickly repeated to the kids, as I dashed by, making them think I’d lost my mind. But I didn’t stop to explain. I was frozen through!

It was indeed a Poor Man’s Sunroom. But to us, like a gift straight from heaven.

And still today that remains a memory of one of our most delightful afternoons ever! WARM AT LAST! It was a real help in getting us through those hard times! Like a promise that things wouldn’t always be so bad. And for our remaining time there, we put the Poor Man’s Sunroom to good use in cold weather. Making life a little more bearable.

We don’t always need more things. Sometimes we just need to know how to put to good use what we already have.

And that even a Poor Man’s Sunroom is better than no sunroom at all!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

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