Thrift Too Thrifty and New Sheets

I’m a thrifty nonna (grandma) and proud of it! But we can become too thrifty. And then we need a wake-up call. Or perhaps in my case, a sleep aid! Because you see, I had this set of sheets, or rather two sets. Flannel, for our cold drafty houses here in the winter. Italian houses seem to never warm up. One night in these cement constructions without flannel sheets is enough to make even the warmest person rush out to buy some. Trust me!

But that was the problem! I didn’t need to rush out for sheets. I had them.

Two sets of them. Except the top sheet, designed perhaps by a super skinny giant, didn’t fit the bed. If only they had put all that excess length along the sides…Mario and I might not have had so many blanket wars.

Half the length of the sheet went under the mattress! What a waste, considering that it barely covered the mattress at the sides. And forget about when we got into bed. The only way it covered us was by sleeping smack dab in the center of the bed!

“Wow!” you’re thinking, “Sheets must be really expensive over there in Italy!”

Otherwise, wouldn’t any normal, sensible person go out and buy proper-fitting sheets? Actually, I haven’t bought them anywhere else in years. So I don’t know if they’re more expensive. And it wasn’t that we couldn’t afford new ones. But buying new sheets bugged me.

Now, perhaps you can learn a lesson from the giant, skinny sheets. Make good and sure you want to keep them before you wash them. Climb between them, making sure you stay covered! Otherwise, you’re stuck with them!

Five years I held on to those dumb sheets!

  • Because they should have been perfectly good sheets.
  • And why should I buy others when those were still new?
  • But most of all because I didn’t want those sheets to end up in a landfill.

That was something I was just not prepared to do. So I made them work. No, I take that back. Nothing was going to make those sheets work! I just put up with them.

Until my husband started complaining about not sleeping well. “I don’t get it,” he said. “New mattress. Good pillows. Plenty of blankets. But I’m still not sleeping well.” And neither was I.

Then I started wondering … could it be the sheets??

So on market day, I bought new sheets. And right away we started sleeping better! Which only makes me mad at whoever designed those defective sheets. But mostly at myself for keeping them so long!

And that’s when it hit me!” Frugality can become too frugal. Too bad I didn’t figure it out about five years ago!

P.S. The sheets will not go to a landfill. My daughter’s taking them. Perhaps she’ll make them twin-size, or make them work somehow. Just call us the thrifty-too-thrifty family who hates landfills. And wonder if there’s any hope for us!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

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