God’s Love In a Kitten

“She brought it out just so we could see it!” my little grandson cried, before promptly bursting into tears. At first I thought, “How cute!” But I think he was right!

That cat had wormed pretty deeply into his heart during the few months they had it. But upon their move to northern Italy, and unable to take the beloved kitten, they left it behind with kind neighbors.

Then, at the end a visit back home, they were getting ready to return north. Packing the car, and cleaning house. When suddenly Lunetta (Little Moon) brought her new kitten out of hiding.

I grew up on a farm, and been around cats and kittens all my life. And I’d never seen a cat bring her kitten out so early. But she seemed to sense they were leaving.

It was only about 4-5 days old. With eyes still closed and translucent paws. It’s odd enough for a cat to bring her kittens out that early. But even odder that she also let us all pet it and pick it up! As calmly vigilant, she rolled on the ground, stretching and preening, as though to say, “Look what I made! See what I brought you?”

But then it was time for them to go, and we started toward their car, mamma cat following close behind.

“Where are you going? You just got here?” she howled. She went but a short distance. Then stopped, looking back toward her baby. Yet she stayed there, seeing her family off, meowing all the while. With the kids sniffling and crying, “I’m so glad we got to see the kitten! He’s so cute!”

She’d taken the kitten back into hiding by the time we walked back to our house.

She’d done her duty. And shown the new arrival to her old family. And I realized my grandson was right. It sounds crazy, I know. But Lunetta wanted her family to see the kitten.

And God wanted to send the kids off with a special gift: The gift of God’s love in a kitten.

Leaving pets may seem like little things to us big people. But to little people they are big things. It was hard already hard enough for the kids to move away from us, and from the town they’d grown to love. Then on top of it leave their pet.

But God knows these things. So he sometimes sends little, unexpected gifts. Like mamma cats bringing kittens out of hiding far too early.

It made the kid’s day! And it consoled our hearts, because we can rest assured that just as he has always cared for us, he will also care for our kids and their families!

Place your trust in him—for he cares for you in the same way!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

3 thoughts on “God’s Love In a Kitten

  1. Great story Sheila and, very well written. Some of the best gifts God gives us are so simple and yet much loved when we aren’t even expecting them. Have a nice evening over there. Lord bless you!!!


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