No Place For You: Has God Forgotten Us?

Tickets? Checked! Passports? Checked! Our eight suitcases bulged with the little we owned, including eight teddy bears! Other than one box left at my parents’ home, a small stash of money, passports and other documents, that was all we had in the world. Packing? Checked! Nothing left to do but relax and await departure day…

And battle doubt, confusion, fears. And the skeptical attitudes of friends and family, convinced we had lost our minds!

Dismayed to learn we would live in a tent, they questioned us about running water, electricity, bathrooms, and beds. “Had we lost our senses?” they wondered. And they worried over our lack of a support base. We’d always home-schooled, a crazy idea back then. So at least no one questioned us about school! It seemed our planned departure was only more proof of our insanity!

But in the midst of it all, our hearts were at peace.

And that’s why it seemed so strange to dream, “There’s no place for you. You can’t stay.”

Bewildered over the dream that seemed so real, I suggested to my husband that perhaps we shouldn’t go! “They said we couldn’t stay,” I told him. “They had no place for us!”

“It was just a dream, brought on by last-minute jitters”, he assured me. “All will be well!” But no matter how hard I tried to relax, the words no place for you echoed in my mind.

Even on the plane, my mind was a jumble of thoughts and emotions. “No place for you. The Lord will take care of us. You’ve gone round the bend. All will be fine.” But most prominent was “No place for you, no place for you!” But all I could do was trust it all to God. “Surely all was well,” I decided. “It was just a silly dream!” But sometimes dreams do come true — even bad ones!

Right away, the team we were with informed us, “We lost your tent. We don’t know where it is, and there’s no place for you!”

When left with nothing, no job or security, and then not even a home, there was nothing but God’s faithfulness to lean on. But that is always more than enough!

For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations, Psalm 100:5.

They sent us off to visit my father-in-law, which was good. It hadn’t seen him in 9 years. And in the meantime, they did find our tent and got it all set up for us!

It’s been a life-long lesson, this learning that God is always faithful. And we realize now that the Lord would like us to live everyday like this. Confident of his eternal faithfulness. But instead we worry that there will be ‘No place for us’. We start thinking we’re orphans, and that our Father has forgotten us.

Thank the Lord today that you’re not an orphan, but the beloved child of a caring Father who is ever faithful!

Note: Our children loved tent life! To them, it was a great adventure. But in this photo they’d been told “stay close to the tent”, and were obviously unhappy over it!

[Image: our children by our tent ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

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