Don’t Let a Soldier Die

We humans are weak and fragile. Our bodies get ill. Our emotions deeply wounded. Our minds troubled and confused. And my reading in Isaiah today reminded me of this. The 35th chapter, (read online here), tells of the Lord’s return, when everlasting joy will be ours. But it also reminds us that until then, because troubles and trials come our way, we need to watch out for each other.

When we feel strong and courageous, it behooves to remember that such fortitude comes from our Father. In our zenith, we start thinking it’s because we’re so great. That all good and desirable qualities just innately dwell in us. Pride is a slippery slope to climb.

But when we look at ourselves honestly, remembering our downfalls, troubled times, and weaknesses, we will begin to really realize that everything we have comes from God. Our strength, our courage, our peace, and our joy. The ability to show kindness, grace, and love. None of these qualities innately exist in us. For just as we are prone to fear and anxiousness, we are also capable of unkindness and rudeness.

Knowing our own weakness should make us more patient, kind, and understanding with those passing through bad times.

It should help us remember that God gives us courage and strength — to pass on to others. He expects us to hold an anxious heart close to ours, reminding them that God’s help is always present.

Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees. Say to those who have an anxious heart, “Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you,’ (Isaiah 35:3-4).

We’re at war, and the enemy does all he can to turn us off the path.

And we all have moments when, knees weak with fear, we’re unable to stand and fight. Sometimes even unable to keep walking. Or how about those times when we’re too weak to even lift our shield against the enemy’s darts, let alone raise our hands in battle?

Shame on us, if in our strongest hours, we forget what it’s like to feel weak.

And if we say, even if only to ourselves, “If they only tried a little harder.” But by doing whatever we can to help them, they can become fit enough to run the race again. And perhaps even outrun us! And perhaps we’ll find them there, waiting to help us when fear and weakness hit.

  • God wants us to lift the hands too weak to pray by praying for them, and with them.
  • And to stay by them, praying them through to strength and victory.
  • Strengthening their fear-filled heart, until their knees become strong for battle.

I’m reminded of a Steve Green song from 1984 (showing my age here), Wounded Soldier, the first verse of which says:

See all the wounded. Hear all their desperate cries for help. Pleading for shelter and for peace. Our comrades are suffering. Come let us meet them at their need. Don’t let a wounded soldier die.

When we feel strong and courageous, let us remember that they are gifts from God’s hands. Given so we can support weak hands, and strengthen feeble knees.

We’re here to watch out for each other. Don’t let a soldier die!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

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