We Shouldn’t Be Here, But We Are!

Reflection is good for the soul. And so is reminiscing! Especially if it helps us reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness. And when we watch this video, that’s what we think of. We left our homeland with no promised support and little money. (Read almost none.) Folks told us we were crazy. And we probably were.

But we had one thing that bolstered and supported us. God’s promise that he would remain faithful. And he has. Through thick and thin. Through all kinds of weather and storms. God has been faithful.

But in thinking back over the years, we are once again reminded of all the things we should never have been able to do. But we did them. It reminds us that we shouldn’t have lasted here even a month. But we did. And we’re still saying that over 26 years later!

Because God is faithful. And he always keeps his promises.

The next 26 years? We don’t know. But we do know, if we live that long, that God will be with us. And he will remain faithful. And if what we did is crazy, then we want to keep right on being crazy!

Especially since one week from today, we celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.

Well, sort of. You see, even that’s a little crazy. We celebrate all month in October. Because we met on October 1st and got married on November 1st. Of the same year. Crazy? Yeah, we know. But we’ve never regretted it.

Most of the best things in our lives have come to us through craziness. Especially the craziness of following God with wild, reckless abandon. (As Oswald Chambers puts it.) Craziness. But with God in the midst of it all!

Whatever you’re facing, whether storms, or problems, or decisions — remember God’s faithfulness.

He only allows the storms because he loves us and wants us to grow.

But he’s right there in the boat with us. Every second!

[Image ©TheScorziellos]

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