Old Paths {Or Why I Blog}

We’ve moved, or rather our blog has moved to this new, old path! (From self-hosted blogging.) A new beginning, new blog home, and a return to old paths, inspired by the story of King Rehoboam! Who, with his rich heritage, should have been both a good king and wise child of God.

But his dreams of great fame and success, inspired by pride and ambition, led Rehoboam astray. Have you ever nurtured dreams and secret ambitions, even knowing they didn’t come from God? I sure have. And like him, I’ve been led astray by dreams of ‘success’, like with my foray into self-hosted blogging.

You see, Rehoboam started out well, seeking advice from the older men who had advised his father Solomon. “If you are kind to these people, please them, and speak good words to them, then they will be your servants forever.” they told him (2 Chronicles 10:7).

But that must have seemed weak, and Rehoboam had dreams of might and power. Instead he followed the advice of his young friends, no doubt also hoping for positions of power and greatness.

Rehoboam had failed to learn from his grandfather David that meekness is greatness. And that true power lies in servanthood.

And success is not always in God’s will.

When the rule of Rehoboam was established and he was strong, he abandoned the law of the LORD, and all Israel with him, (2 Chronicles 12:1).

Rehoboam’s kingdom did become strongly established and successful. But far from God’s will and ways. And because of his refusal to follow the old paths, Israel became two divided kingdoms, ever involved in civil war.

In a world which sees big as better, and measures success by numbers, it’s easy to view blogging in the same way.

But as Christ’s disciples, dare we look at it like that? There is nothing wrong with becoming successful. And nothing intrinsically wrong with numbers or a large following. But truly following in Christ’s footsteps means we seek to serve, not seek success or numbers.

My foray into self-hosted blogging seemed to push me toward measuring. (Not that all self-hosted bloggers compare and compete with others, or seek success and numbers.) But I found some unwise ‘counselors’ in that world, called plugins. Wow, the nifty things they can make your blog do!

But over time, I saw that many plugins seem to have one main purpose: self promotion. Some blogs have so many pop-ups, it seems almost like running the gauntlet to reach their content! You’ve seen them too, I’m sure. Subscribe now! Get this freebie! Follow us here, and follow us there!

Many bloggers love lots of plugins, I know. But too many could hinder readers from ever reaching what is often really great content. Because if they’re like me, they sometimes leave before ever reading anything!

And then I thought: blogs have been around a long time. Don’t most readers already know they can subscribe, follow on social media, and sometimes even find free material or prizes?

If others want to follow, they’ll likely find the subscription forms and all the rest — even without all the hype. And they’re probably there to find encouragement and insight. Not get bombarded by self promotion!

And then in dealing with me about why I blog, God started leading me back to old paths.

I started this post talking of dreams. Because all bloggers surely have them. Some dream or goal that pushes them to blog. And dreams are sometimes good. Like the one I’ve had since childhood: that of writing.


And since knowing Christ, that dream has only intensified. I want to write words that inspire, encourage, and lift our thoughts off ourselves, and up to him who is worthy of all our love and adoration.

I dream of words worth reading. Of serving, helping, and bringing hope and encouragement. Be it to one or to many. Lord, just let me serve. And I pray that he will keep me from ever again straying from this good, old path!

Why do you blog, or do whatever you do? To serve and help, or to have success?

[Image of Etruscan wall in Tuscany ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

10 thoughts on “Old Paths {Or Why I Blog}

      1. Sheila, Please visit my blog at PossessHisPromises.com. I did not make it private. Perhaps in the logging to reply to your post, I did something wrong. I’m still there. Plan to post today. Bless you. Karen


  1. I have also struggled with the issue of “self promotion” when it comes to blogging. The old worldly part of me that craves recognition and approval sometimes battles the spiritual part of me that wants to promote the Kingdom of God and help others in any small way that I can. I think that part of my desire to “grow” my readership is because I do believe that what God inspires me to share can and will help others to know God better and to get through the trials and tribulations with which this life can be filled. As I wonder whether or not I should be doing more to promote my blog, I look to God for guidance on that matter and ask Him to guide those who would be blessed by reading my posts, to find my blog. I leave Him in charge of promotion.

    And like you Sheila, I dislike all those plug-ins!


    1. I pray that he will give you guidance in this Shari. It is often hard to keep balance. But I’m with you – any “promotion” is best left in his hands. I want to simply promote HIM and show how great he is!! Yet, I understand why others do promote their blogs, and pray that God will greatly bless their endeavors!

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