The Gift of Mamma’s China

Some time ago, I came across an interesting post: Which Lord of the Rings Personality Are You?, which intrigued me. I’d heard about personality types and tests, which I dismissed as a bunch of hogwash, hocus pocus, or something. But The Lord of the Rings? They had me hooked there!

If you’re not familiar with The Lord of the Rings, you might want to read the books before reading this post. Or watch the films, that would be quicker! Or if you don’t know about personality types and tests, you might want to take the test.

But anyway, I took the test, convinced I would be Frodo! How I longed be that noble little hobbit, saving the world! But alas, the test quickly dashed my fondest hopes to pieces. I came out as the elf queen, Galadriel. And honestly, she’s the one character who kind of scares of me!

But I was happy to least get a hobbit husband!

As an ESFJ, Mario tested out as Bilbo! Which means he’s conventional and consistent, holding tightly to tradition. And romantic. Dates and celebrations (which I tend to forget) mean a lot to him. And he also likes to hold on to heirlooms and mementos, like Mamma’s china.

But (as an INFJ) I tend to see mementos as unnecessary clutter. There’s a whole new world out there explore and discover. Why hold on to things that will only hold me back from that?

Although in my defence, I thought the china was just old plates that some relative had stuck in the ancestral home. Like lots of other junk and trash we found there! But even had they been my mother’s or my grandmother’s, they wouldn’t hold the same fascination for me that his mother’s china does for him.

When he holds those plates, he sees them in his mother’s hands. And that helps Mamma’s memory come alive for him.

So after learning they had actually been my mother-in-law’s, and seeing the way my husband looked at them, we brought them home. For keeps.

The plates didn’t, and still don’t mean anything to me. Yes, they’re pretty, and I appreciate that they’re fine, delicate china and antique. But I don’t need things to keep the past alive for me. It lives vividly in my imagination. As do most things. My imagination, it seems, never shuts down.

But I wanted to give the gift of Mamma’s china to my husband.

And I’m glad I learned about personality traits. Because it’s made me look at other people’s quirks and tendencies in a whole new way. And I’ll be on the look-out for other gifts like Mamma’s china! Because even when we don’t fully understand, we can enter into another’s joy.

And joy shared is joy doubled!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

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