Bible Reading and Miracle Memories

My husband has an amazing memory. Mind-boggling actually! Even our daughter’s youngest (age 6) thinks so. In a recent drawing of us three, she and I are both wearing our glasses. But not her Nonno. Makes sense,” I thought, as his are only for reading. But in her 6-year old logic, she did Nonno without them because “he can never find them anyway!”

And it’s true! Part of my daily routine is helping Mario find his glasses, keys, and making sure he’s got everything before he walks out the door. And even reminding him of things he’s said. He’s the Absent-Minded Professor in person. And at times I wonder how he makes it through the day!

Yet people marvel at his memory for Scripture. He’s almost like a walking Bible concordance! How amazing! So I decided to ask this absent-minded professor how he got such a great memory for Bible verses and remembering where they’re at. Was it a miracle or something? But his answer was so simple!

Maybe, like me, you’d like to remember more of what you read. Well then, let me share his little secret.

Read. Read. Read. A lot. Consistently, day-by-day, and year after year. It’s sort of like eating. If you want to grow just eat a lot. (Well actually, even if you don’t want to grow, if you eat a lot — you’ll grow! 😉 ) But large quantities and constant intake those are the keys.

How many commercial jingles do you remember?

I still remember silly ones from childhood! Like what kind of wiener we’d like to be. And which restaurant was our kind of place! Crazy, right? But we remember them because of constant bombardment.

And the Word of God works in the same way. For the past couple years I’ve used a new Bible reading plan, where I read 10 chapters each day. Which at first seems like a lot. But I find it goes quickly. And it also shows the truth of the following Italian saying.

Appetite grows by eating.

The more we read, the more we seem to want to read. But even more importantly, the more we read the more remember. And remembering helps us put it into practice.

So if you’d like a Miracle Bible Memory, try my husband’s method. As the Absent-minded Professor, he’s living proof that it works!!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

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