Who is God and Who Am I?

Would it surprise you to learn those are the top two questions people ask today? No, I haven’t read any studies or seen any polls. But in trying to read between the lines, I think they are.

It really doesn’t take much to see how dissatisfied many people feel. And looking for answers, they visit self-help sites. Longing for meaning and fulfillment, they delve into everything from shopping to minimalism, from extreme sports to yoga. And seeking answers to the question, “Who is God?” they search every religion and belief imaginable.

And if we’re attentive, we see this on social media as well.

I’ve seen it, and I’m you sure have too. It’s hard to miss, if you’re watching for it. They’re constantly introducing new things on social medial platforms. Usually to make better use of our data and likes, sometimes even phishing for personal data.

Because companies base their selling tactics on popular opinion and beliefs, gleaning a lot them through social media. By knowing what’s trending in music, movies, books, and the like, they know what will sell. All of which is pretty much common knowledge.

And for me, as long as they leave my personal data out, it’s not a real big problem. We really only shop when we need something anyway. We’ve decided to stop making companies and stores rich with God’s money!

But how about a lot of those cute things? Like the fun games, quizzes, and polls?

Yes, they’re sometimes fun. I’ve done a few myself. They kind of just pull you in. And as Mario says, “That’s the point. They rely on impulse.” Hmm…so I was really using them mindlessly? I’m glad my husband often sees things I seem to overlook.

Yes, I clicked to see “what color I was”. Not skin color, but what I’m actually like. And I probably did a couple of others as well. Though for the life of me I can’t remember them. (Which in itself says they’re a bunch of nonsense.) Fun perhaps, but meaningless.

Until one day, I stopped playing them. And it may seem kooky, but it’s because God told me to.

No, I didn’t hear a voice from heaven, “Sheila, thou shalt not play silly Facebook games.” But I did hear a gentle whisper in my heart. One which said, “Why are you trying to find your identity from those things? Have you forgotten that it is in me?”

And then I started seeing Bible games. Learn what Bible character you are. Discover your Bible verse for 2016. And I felt like crying. I just sat there shaking my head.

Because I know such searching is normal. But as Christians aren’t we supposed to already know?

To know not only who and what God is, but also who we are? Or do we sometimes forget? Like I did when I clicked the color game?

If we need a special verse to cling to throughout the year, why don’t we find it in The Book itself? If we really want to know who we are, or what we’re like, why don’t we ask our Creator? Or do we fear what he might show us?

I yearn to bring God glory, and to change this world. Don’t you?

But that takes MAKING time to think. Not mindlessly following every new thing that comes out. It takes stepping back and examining them to see what they’re really about. Because it’s hard to offer solutions while immersed in the problems.

Not that we should try to totally separate ourselves from the world. We travel this wilderness with them. But the difference is, or should be, is that we are here to tell others that “not all who wander are lost,” (J.R.R. Tolkien).

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, (John 1:12).

But we can’t offer solutions unless we see the problems. And until we first remember who God is, and who we are, in him.

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

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