The Mystery Walk: Teaching Kids to Follow God

Have you ever taken a Mystery Walk? I have, and actually we all take one every day. Because when we come right down to it, this life is a mystery. We can’t know what tomorrow holds, or even if we will have any tomorrows. And it’s sometimes hard to know which path to follow, let alone explain it to our kids!

Well, here’s a fun, meaningful activity you might want to try. The Family Mystery Walk, led by Father Abraham! Kids love this activity, especially if you build up the mystery of it, because they love surprises! If you want, you can simply use this as a fun family activity. Excercise and fresh air never do any harm. And fun family times are something kids always treasure!

Taking a Family Mystery Walk:

Start on the street in front of your house, flipping a coin to decide which direction to take. If you get Heads, go left until you come to a new Decision Point. Tails, means turning right, and if you drop the coin go straight ahead. It’s a wacky game, which might have you going in circles for hours. Or you may not get far at all. That’s the mystery of it! But one extra suggestion. If your streets are quite long, or your children tiny, limit the distances by flipping at every corner.

We suggest using the Mystery Walk as an opportunity to talk about the mystery of following God.

Recount how God called Abraham to leave his home, country, and family (Genesis 12), and that he didn’t even know where he was going! Bring out how scared and confused he might have felt.

And explain that it was God moving Abraham away from his people because they had become evil, even burning their own children to false Gods. He wanted Abraham to live differently. And though it seems crazy to start a trip without knowing where you’re going, obeying God is what counts.

Use it as a way to teach them 6 simple steps to F-O-L-L-O-W God.

Fellowship with God. To follow him, we must first know him, and learn to hear his voice through prayer.

O bey God and do what you know is right. Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”

L isten to the guides God puts in your life. Like parents, family, pastors, and Sunday school teachers.

L ove God’s Word and read it everyday.

O bserve what’s going on around you.

Because God can also speak through circumstances and events. Perhaps from Haran to Canaan Abraham did the only thing he could do, following what might have been the only road. But God used famine and hunger to move him further south toward Egypt.

W orry Not. Learning to follow God can mean stepping out into the unknown. It’s sometimes scary and confusing. But God promises to lead us, and take care us.

And now make it practical, and help your kids face their unknowns.

Because kids do face them, though we sometimes forget that! Perhaps your family is planning a move. That’s an unknown, especially if they’ve never lived anywhere else. Maybe a family member is critically ill. Another unknown. Or surely they wonder what they’ll be when they grow up — kids usually do!

Life is full of unknowns. But these 6 simple steps to following God can make it a little more understandable. And remind them that we have something Abraham didn’t! The Word of God as a light for our path. That shows us not only the way to walk, but how we should walk it.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, (Psalms 119:105).

Learning to follow God is a lifelong lesson. Start now teaching kids to follow the signposts, while they’re still at home and you can guide them. And help them see that though sometimes scary, following God is also a great adventure!

And who knows, perhaps they’ll grow up to kill giants, or rescue their people like Queen Esther did!

[Image ©TheScorziellos]

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