Giant Odor-Free Minimalist Towels

Do you have a problem with smelly towels? I always did, but no more! Here in Italy, especially during the rainy season, towels take a long time to dry. So unless washed after each use, they start smelling sour. Not at all pleasant to use! But how can we wash them daily when it rains? Like many Italians, we don’t own a clothes dryer. So I’d long hoped for a solution.

We’d tried microfiber towels, touted as minimalist. But we found they still got smelly, and weren’t very absorbent. And then, at last, I found them — odor-free minimalist towels! The TURKISH PESHTEMAL!

The Peshtemal is ideal!

It’s absorbent, yet quick-drying.

Making it more hygienic and germ-free. (Germs flourish in dampness.) And did you know that germs are what cause odors?

It’s compact and lightweight.

Easily fitting in a carry-on bag or even some purses. Yet at 37½ x 67 inches (95 x 170 cm) its size is anything but minimal! Which makes it great to take to the beach, gym, pool, or spa.

And also makes it great for traveling.

Even if our hosts forget to put towels out, we can have our sunrise shower. Or grab them for a surprise trip to the beach.

It’s super soft and only gets softer with washing.

Which makes it ideal to use even on small children and infants!

And the Peshtemal also has many other uses as well!

  • Wrap it around like a sari or sarong, as a make-shift bathrobe or swimsuit cover.
  • Use it as a small sheet to cover with in warm weather.
  • Use it as a lightweight shawl.
  • Gather and tie the ends together to use as a carry sack.
  • Use it as a wrap to carry your baby.

Hence, the true GIANT, odor-free minimalist towels — that replaced all our bulky, smelly towels!

And that we never travel without! You can see our four most-used bath towels plainly in the above photo.

And barely visible underneath, one of our two nicer towels: slightly larger and thicker, usually saved for guests. Although we do sometimes travel with them, as they also double as lightweight blankets! You can see various qualities and sizes by clicking on the above link. Or check out some great prices through Amazon.

After seeing how well the Peshmetal works for us, I replaced all our terry cloth. Which is great, because now towel storage is no problem at all in our small house!

All our towels (except those in use) now fit into this small box!

The boxes in the above photos are only 10 x 14 x 6.5 inches (25.4 x 36 x 16.5 cm). One holds our toilet paper supply and the other ALL our bathroom towels. Although it obviously helps that we have a fairly minimalist towel supply: 6 bath towels, 16 hand/face/bidet towels, and 3 floor towels.

But still, try stuffing that many terry cloth towels in a box so small!

Do you have problems with smelly towels? What solutions have you found?

[Images ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

3 thoughts on “Giant Odor-Free Minimalist Towels

  1. In Cape Town winters in South Africa – we have the same problem. Thanks for the great info – as in winter our electricity bill goes up quite a bit using the dryer. I am hoping it won’t be too pricey getting them shipped to this side of the world seen as though the rand/dollar is quite scary right now.


    1. So glad it helped! Electricity is really high here in Italy, so we’ve never had a dryer. And the Peshtemal has been a great help to me! I think you’ll like them too, and let’s hope shipping will be reasonable. Maybe from Austalia? Let me know!!

      Liked by 1 person

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