The Value of Taking a Break {But We’ll be Back}

When tired and discouraged, it’s so easy to wonder if what we do counts for anything. I often wonder that about blogging. And we sometimes wonder it about what we’re doing here in the village. It seems we make so little headway. Shouldn’t people be a bit more interested by now? Do they even listen? Are we making any difference at all?

And then with all that’s going on in our lives now, discouragement could easily overtake — if the Lord wasn’t with us. And if we let down our guard. Especially since I was down with the flu all of last week. I remember feeling like this a couple of years ago too…

Especially over blogging, until I finally got back on track. Was it worth the time, energy, and effort, I wondered? Maybe I should just drop everything.

Then Mario, after working in the garden all day said, “Let’s go down to the ‘city’ for a few things we can’t get here in the village. We didn’t find what we were looking for, but did buy a few groceries, and some rugs for the house at Beyond Forgotten.

And when we got back, we went out for pizza in the village, and relaxed, sipping our wine. Talking about everything, and nothing, before strolling home in the cool of the late summer evening, happy to just be together. Grateful to be living here, doing what we’re doing.

And that’s when I remembered.

They had a going away party that evening for a nun who’s getting transferred. A nun Mario has worked with, teaching preschool English. She stopped by our table to say goodbye. And to tell us that she would never forget us.

I remembered that we often touch lives in little ways — ways we’re not even aware of.

We may never see the seeds we are planting germinate and take root. We may never see the harvest. But if we’re faithful to point the way to the Lord of the harvest, he will keep those seeds incubating. Others will remember, not only our words and kindness, but also the One we’ve pointed them to.

I remembered that focusing on our problems too much, only makes them seem greater.

Some problems really are huge and extremely difficult. And I don’t want to minimize them. But even so, over-focus often makes them seem even larger.

So when feeling overwhelmed, let’s not forget the value of taking a break.

Maybe you can’t go out for pizza. But do something else. Take a walk. Sit outside with a cup of tea or coffee. Visit a friend. Or go window shopping. Get out into the wider world. Because that can help us see that our life and world are really quite small in the bigger picture of life.

And in light of this, we’ll be taking another, longer break.

It’s time again for another visit to our summer home. And here I am, without all the posts I’d hoped to have ready for our month’s absence.

But I’m remembering, too, that it’s OK. Because it’s time for another break. And time to regain focus.

Problems come, and problems go. But in the midst of them, let’s make time for getting away to remember. To remember the Lord in the midst of it all, and to thank him. Even though we may not understand. Even though we feel we’re breaking.

Because no matter what, and no matter where, the Lord is with us. And it’s in the hardest moments that he carries us.

NOTE: We’ll be mostly without internet for most of July. The only way of having any is to go to the Pizzeria and use theirs. So I won’t get much chance to read all your great posts. Or to answer comments. But as I said, “We’ll be back. And back in touch!” Please keep us in prayer!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

9 thoughts on “The Value of Taking a Break {But We’ll be Back}

  1. To go through all that, so that God can teach you about having the right perspective. He does use some of the least expected things to teach us some important lessons. I remember being extremely frustrated, and staying up way too late to fix my blog after the move to self-hosted. It sure drove me to prayer and to acknowledge that He is Lord over all, even over WordPress.


    1. Ha! Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has such difficulties! And I didn’t even do most of the move myself! And yes, Ai, he is Lord over all! Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. A wise decision from a wise woman! Enjoy being immersed in God’s blessings. Your presence at the Summer house will touch many people too, I’m sure. I often feel the same and then feel guilty that I don’t have something to post. But God moves me to post when it’s time and even if not many people respond to my blog…that’s OK. Even if one person is touched by it, the job is done. And, for me, the blog helps me process things too…so, if no one else benefits, I do!! MANY MANY BLESSINGS! Heather

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    1. So true Heather. Even if only person is touched – the job is done. And speaking for myself, sometimes the one touched is ME! I often feel that I blog more my own good than anything! As far as being a wise woman – thanks for that vote of confidence…but this is an endless journey! Hugs & blessings!

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  3. Good for you, Sheila! I myself will be taking off from blogging in August. We all need time to refresh and indulge in His rest. I mean, even Jesus would go away alone to pray for a season. How much more do we mere mortals need likewise. Haha! May you and Mario have a wonderful time enjoying each other and the Lord at your summer home. A summer home sounds pretty good right about now!


    1. Thanks for your well wishes, Vanessa! We are enjoying the summer home. Even though, of course, the first couple days are pretty much non-stop work. The lonely people here were so GLAD to see us. They’d been waiting!! After another few days, we’ll probably start taking a few outings. We’ve never really visited this national park (Cilento) much. And we do feel a real need for a break! We’ll also be visiting some churches in the area though. So it’s sort of a work-vacation. And good for you for taking August off. Good to enjoy free-time & family time! Take care!

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