100 Years From Today {or why I blog}

One main reason I blog is to share our life, our world with friends and family far away, and make new ones! (Maybe you, yes?) Reading and writing have always been, for me, a way to both connect with and explore the world around me. And blogging is simply a great extension of that — enabling me to connect with wonderful people all around the world! 

But I also blog to share our passion for a life of purpose and meaning. A life of caring for others and our beautiful planet. Of learning to become good stewards of all the wonderful gifts we’ve been given. Of serving, loving, and caring for others. And a life of joy found in simple things. In learning that — in the end, things don’t really matter. They are just tools to make this life a bit easier.

This blog is also where I challenge myself to think of 100 years from now.

Few (if any) then will even remember we lived — let alone what we did. Any success fame, power, and wealth we’ve achieved will lose meaning. And what kind of house we lived in, car we drove, or how we dressed will matter even less.

Yet our earthly lives do have meaning.

We are here to live for God, to honor him with our lives, to love and encourage one another, and to lead others into his eternal love.

This life is a training ground for making us celestial.

A preparation for our Forever Life with the Father. Getting us ready for both the eternal work and rest which he has in store for us. Living life in light of that is, to us, a life well-lived. A life of meaning and purpose. That’s the kind of life we want.

And it is our hope to inspire you, too, to the peace, joy, and satisfaction of such a life.

Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind. (C.S. Lewis)

[Image taken in our Abruzzo town ©Mario Scorziello]

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