Our News: Summer 2016

We ask your prayer for Italy’s earthquake-affected area. We are well and so are all we know. But please pray for those affected, and for the lengthy rebuilding process.

We will attend a joint fellowship/ church meeting near there tomorrow, even with its ongoing tremors. But we refuse to fear. “For God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control,” 2 Timothy 1:7. Please pray that the meeting will be a blessing and an instrument of unity!

Our annual Hometown summer trip went really well.

And please pray that we may be a bridge for the villagers of Beyond Forgotten to the Father’s heart of grace and forgiveness.

More and more people ask us to share our faith each time we go, and some have even expressed a desire to attend services at the tiny, tiny church (4 members) there. Which, of course, means they would not be our sheep.

Building God’s Kingdom — amidst even tiny miracles!

But we are building God’s kingdom, not our own. And are delighted for the collaboration which has come about. A miracle actually, as this denomination here is usually closed toward other groups.

Mountain Town Mentality

Roots mean a lot to these people. Perhaps because so many of their number have moved away. Or maybe because their numbers were never large to begin with. But Hubby’s birth roots there are an open door for us! Many still remember his family and due to this connection, they invite us into their homes. Like the folk (above) who were drying this giant squash for winter use.

We also rejoice over increased involvement in the Abruzzo church.

Trabocchi friends 2We love all the fellowship, which nearly always involves counseling, encouragement, and discipleship. Hubby also preaches on a fairly regular basis. Keep these dear people in prayer!

And please don’t forget our refugees!

Our friend (below) has been a great help with them! With his background and training, he is well-equipped to deal with them. And their closeness of age helps him connect well with them.


But the summer highlight was, perhaps, the Grand Opening of our RistoBar!

Not a real RistoBar, but it certainly seemed liked we were running one, with over 50 dinner guests over the 3 days of the Ferragosto weekend. We loved it and hope for more such special times!

Basically our RistoBar is just our inviting veranda, with its gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside. We have a lot of visitors coming through for food and fellowship. Please pray that we may be a blessing to them.

We are currently in the process of building a wooden pergola (or open gazebo) to make it more comfortable. It gets full afternoon sun, and without some shading, impossible to use. We’ve been making do with umbrellas so far. But the strong winds we get here make them unsafe. One flew out of its stand, right on our guests!

Pray for relationships here in our village.

Relationships are developing into real friendships. We get invited on outings, to their special events, or just to join them for dinner or coffee. But please keep praying with us for deeper sharing opportunities. And for real spiritual hunger here, in perhaps, one of Italy’s most religious and tradition-bound regions.

As you can see, our prayer requests are many this time, but so are the praise reports. And this means that the Lord is answering our prayers, both ours and yours!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement!

For with them, you are a great part of what God’s doing here in Italy! We could not do it without you! And we pray God’s richest blessings on your life!

[Images ©MissionItalia]

4 Replies to “Our News: Summer 2016”

    1. Thank you Ellie. We sure appreciate the prayers! The quakes are continuing in that area. I feel so bad for the people living around here. We no longer feel anything here, for which we’re grateful. But thanks for keeping us and Italy in your prayers! Be blessed, Sheila

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