What Makes a {Blogging} Home?

What makes a house a home? Exactly what is Home? Is it a place or a building? Or just a feeling? I’ve been reflecting on that a lot. You see, our daughter and her family moved back to the USA this week. For how long, only the Lord knows. They kept their house here in Italy, right next to ours.

So we’ve been going in and out a lot, tending to things. Trash to set out nightly. Our recycle program here means we set out a different can every night (except Saturday). Emptying the fridge (yummy)! Next week, I hope to strip the beds and start on sheets (not so fun)! The first day, we tended to checking the fridge, turning hot water and gas off, etc. We went upstairs to make sure all was well. Lights off, windows shut.

And then we had to get out of there.

Too many memories. Too much of them and their lives in there. Their books on the shelves. The kids’ toys in baskets. Their blankets on the beds. Their presence lingered on, trying to make it still seem like a home. But was really only a fraud. A giant fraud.

So I’ve thought about Home this week. And what makes it home. And I’ve come to the conclusion, more than ever, that it’s the people who live there. Their spirit indwelling the place. Their joy spilling out into the rooms. Laughter floating out the windows.

Their house is just a shell now. A shell where they lived. Holding remnants of their days here. But no longer a Home. And it was just all too much. So we’ve been working at keeping busy this week. Tending to extra household tasks. Plotting a fun new community project that’s been incubating a long time.

And I also decided to finally tend to getting this blog it’s own proper home.

Regular followers will have noticed that I’ve played around with a lot of themes. Even tried a couple of premium (pay-for) themes. Thankfully, WordPress gives you 30-days to change your mind. Kudos for WordPress; aren’t they great?! But nothing ever felt just right. Until today.

And I’m so glad I finally found it. I had been getting downright sick of changing themes!

So I worked all day, setting up and tweaking. Fixing this, playing around with that. And suddenly, finally, I knew my blog had come to its home. It just feels right, like it’s finally got its nesting place.

All this has also made me reflect on what kind of home I want this blog to be for our readers.

And tying that in with what I learned about the shell of a house sitting next door, I decided I want it to be a place that feels alive and lived in. A place where love is shown, and all are welcome. As if we could just sit down, and encourage each other over a cup of espresso.

But also inspire each another to keep growing, because growth and challenge are vital to a healthy home and family. So I want it to be a place where you take something away. Encouragement, inspiration, fresh vision, new ideas. Otherwise, it seems to me, that this place would be a fraud, like my daughter’s house, pretending to be a home.

For us, this blog IS like a home because of you, our dear readers.

Because of your visits, your great comments. Because you take time to read and like our posts. And because I know many of you keep us and our work here in your prayers. So we want to say “THANK YOU.” Thanks to all of you who help make this blog a home. And make our friendship like family, inviting us into your ‘homes’ too!

A Home, after all, is really just the people in it.

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

14 thoughts on “What Makes a {Blogging} Home?

  1. I love the wonderful memories that I have from all of the homes I have lived in during my life. I lived in the same home for 18 years, until I married my sweet husband. Then, we rented our first apartment, first house, finally purchased a home, and later built a dream home. Times and income changed and we moved to a smaller home. But, in every home, there are precious, special memories. Home can be anywhere, filled with love and laughter, and being with the ones you love. 🙂


    1. You’re so right, Mimi. Home is not about a building or a place. We’ve lived in a tent, a tarantula-infested camper, fine apartments. In many places of the USA and Italy, and even in Mexico. Home was having Mario & our two sweet kids with us. Watching movies together or making cookies. Getting ready for guests. Yet, parting is sweet sorrow. I don’t know who said that, but it’s true. Sweet, because we had them. Sorrowful because they leave, and leave an empty shell behind them. Much like we will do when we leave this earth for our real Home!!

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  2. It is surely the people who make a house a home. I remember when my youngest daughter moved to a new city 3 years ago. Oh my, how I missed her and my three granddaughters. But the Lord filled that empty space inside me when I asked him to.

    Planning a new community project must be fun. I’ll be glad to hear all about it.


    1. Distance is hard, Belle. It’s not that we’re new at it, after nearly 30 years on the mission field. But, as I ask Mario every time, “Why doesn’t it get any easier?” It was hard leaving our families to come here. Hard when our kids moved back to the States, and then stayed to marry & have families. And hard now to have them go back again after 6 years here. But we’re trying to look at the blessing of having had them for 6 years. The Lord has taught us to focus on the blessings he gives, and not look at what we don’t have or wish for. I do hope you get to see your daughter and granddaughters often. I’m excited about our project, and to let you all know about it too! Have a great Sunday!!

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      1. Thanks for your encouragement. Distance happens in most families. But in comparison with what Christ did for us, what we’ve done doesn’t even make a drop in the bucket. It’s just the initial period is hard. You know how it is! My kids may be nearly 40, but they’re still my kids!!

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  3. Your refreshed blog looks great–maybe it will inspire me to finally work on mine–I paid for the Prmium plan, also. It certainly must be hard to not have your daughter and her family so close now…I wish you well. I enjoy your posts, and will be back.


    1. Thanks Cynthia. It is hard, because they are so very far away. But the important thing is for them to be happy. We’re just praying that they will adapt and settle in well. But that Atlantic Ocean is so very big!

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    2. Thanks Cynthia. It is hard, because they are so very far away. But the important thing is for them to be happy. We’re just praying that they will adapt and settle in well. But that Atlantic Ocean is so very big! Glad you like the new blog look. And I hope, mainly, that it’s easy to use. Can’t wait to see your new look too. You’re a very creative person, so it should be beautiful!!

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