A Solid Plan

It’s strange how at times an odd remark or off-hand statement grabs our attention to the point of making us stop, isn’t it? That happened to me this week in reading I Loved Morning Basket… by A Homeschool Mom. We must have kindred souls. I too like having a solid plan, in which lists are my friends.

“But lists are not my ministry.”

It was that thought which stopped me. Why was I sticking to a plan that wasn’t working? The Bible reading plan I used the past few years just wasn’t working anymore. I like to have things organized and am a champion list maker. Yet I don’t thrive on routine. It makes me like a trapped butterfly, trying to escape its cocoon. I yearn for freedom.

That Bible plan of 10 chapters daily worked the first 2½ years. But it got to the point where I was just doing it to check chapters off. It left me with a jumble of thoughts, and little further reflection through the day. And it’s senseless to read, without taking in what we read.

So like The Homeschool Mom, I’m ditching the plan. And moving on to something that meets my needs, and will help me grow and change. Which means taking time to hear what God’s really saying. And reflection to take it in and apply it to my life.

And keeping my eyes on the bigger goal: God’s call to transformation.

So you should see some simple changes here at Mission Italia. I’m transforming it into a Week-Daily Devotional site. (And hoping it will go well.) But a bit different, perhaps than many devotional sites. I won’t be covering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Rather these devotionals will spring from my Bible studies, randomly chosen. Actually, they will spring from a daily verse I’m signed up for.

With the Lord’s help, I hope to set aside a good chunk of the morning for Bible study. Followed by my daily reading. If morning time is short, I’ll read after lunch or in the evening.

As some of you know, I use the Mission Italia blog as a place to challenge myself. To call myself to Spiritual Transformation. I so need change and growth in my life and heart.

So I’ll start a new new plan Monday, sharing what I learn. First, because I learn by writing. It’s how I process thoughts and take them in. And secondly, because I hope blogging them will keep me more accountable. And do also hope you find inspiration and encouragement through them!

Monday-Friday: Week-Daily Devotionals

Along with a suggested daily reading plan. Inspiration for this comes from  The Genres Bible Reading Plan, at Into Thy Word. The daily readings come from different biblical literature types, and this helps maintain interest as you read through the Bible in a year. Each of our Friday devotionals will include the weekend reading plan, for any that may choose to read along.

Saturday: Flitting Thoughts

For my butterfly soul wanderings…

Sunday: Closed

Make time for family and worship!!

Let me know what you think about it. But I’d especially like to know how you keep your bigger goals in mind! And let me leave you with this encouraging thought. When you feel you’ve failed, remember that, if in the long run, you stay on track — you haven’t failed at all!

“This is not failure, merely another step in the adventure!” (A Homeschool Mom)

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

8 thoughts on “A Solid Plan

  1. Excellent article! I was taught years ago that change is necessary. Just as water in a stream needs to keep moving and changing to keep it fresh, we need God to keep us moving and changing the way things are done to keep us fresh with Him. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the new changes.

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    1. Thanks Tom! I certainly don’t want to just go through the motions if it’s not helping. Much better a fresh stream than stagnant water! Praying the Lord assists me in the new plan.

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  2. It sounds great even to this creature of habit who finds it difficult to shift when things aren’t working! But part of my transformation has been getting comfortable flowing with the Holy Spirit even at the risk of appearing ahem “flighty” (referring to the changes in my own blog 😉). In fact while I’m waiting to hear the new direction for the blog, I’ve started writing a devotional related to my book.

    I realized I needed to really digest (meditate on) the verses quoted in my book. Chewing on a verse till I get what I need out of it has been an amazing experience. I’m excited to see what the Lord shares with you in your devotional time!


    1. Thank you Vanessa. And please pray with me that the Lord will help me get what I need out of the time. I so log to be fruitful for him! I’m looking forward to your new changes too. Should be great!!

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  3. I am right there with you on this one! I too, wanted that daily devotional checked off each day. But then I read an article about reading the Bible daily as opposed to never stop reading the Bible. With one, it’s a “to-do” and the other is a “living in and staying grounded.” It makes a difference, it really does.


    1. So true Christine! How terrible if we start to think of our relationship with God in terms of a “to-do” list. May the Lord help us live in him and stay grounded in his word!! Thanks for sharing this insight!


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