Reaching Out to Kids and Youth

Do you like working with kids? Then why not open your home to neighborhood kids? And start a Bible Club! It’s simple, it’s fun, and it could touch a child’s heart for eternity! These clubs are full of fun and action! Not only do they offer the chance to present the Bible as an enthralling book, but kids will love the songs, games, crafts, and snacks!

Or if you don’t feel comfortable opening your home, hold the Bible club at a community center, church, or a local park. And did you you know that you can even (at publication time) legally hold Bible clubs in public schools?

And Child Evangelism Fellowship® offers just the help you need! Their Good News Clubs® offer (in our opinion) some of the greatest children’s Bible materials, because they’re principle-based lessons. Teaching kids the lesson God has for us in each of the stories.

And they also offer these great ideas for reaching out to kids and youth!

Much like Vacation Bible School. But these too are often held in homes, parks, or community centers! And they even have special programs to use during Christmas or Easter vacation!

Because most military assignments only last 2-3 years, military kids have to constantly adapt and make new friends. Good News Clubs held in military neighborhoods can help kids through these tough times.

1.7 million U.S. children have at least one parent in jail. A ministry among them can help break the cycle of children of prisoners become prisoners themselves. Bring them hope and a future!

A place for middle-schoolers and young teens (age 11-14). A fun and meaningful time to connect with the Lord and friends.

Join a nationwide party using CEF’s Christmas kit, and reach kids and adults alike with the true Christmas story!

But perhaps you’re thinking, “But I’ve never done anything like this before!”

Don’t worry! CEF also offers help and training to get you started. And their materials are easy to use. So pray about starting a public school Bible club—in your town or neighborhood!

And you could touch kid’s and teen’s lives, both now and for eternity!

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

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