Making Posts Printer-Friendly! [Video]

Have you ever thought about printing your posts? Or like me, do you wonder, “Why would anyone want to print posts, except for recipes or tutuorials?” Well, it was my husband who started my search for a better print option. He’d been after me for a while a long time to print the posts out for him. But getting a decent looking page took time and work, so I left it on the back burner. 

But why would anyone want to print posts?

Truthfully, I just thought it was one of my husbnd’s weird quirks. Until I read an article by Dunya Carter at ProBlogger. She says, “It’s the hallmark of a good designer to not assume how someone will want to digest what you have to offer, and it’s so easy to make your blog print-friendly that there is really no reason not to,” — ProBlogger.

And you never know when you or someone else, away from an internet connection, may wish for a printed copy or a PDF on your computer. For easy reference, or perhaps to share with that rare person who still doesn’t have internet. (And yes, here in Italy they DO exist!)

But have you ever tried printing your posts, using the standard WordPress print sharing service? I have, and didn’t care much for the outcome. It left too much clutter, and could not be changed or optimized in any way.

But behold Print Friendly!

Print Friendly is a free service that creates a clean and optimized PDF format of the post, removing extra things like comments and ads. It’s extremely easy to use and editable, allowing you to change text-size and remove images or other items. The end result, which you can print or save as a PDF, is clean and easy to read. And best of all, all the article’s hyperlinks still work (if you have an internet connection)!

Try printing a PDF using the standard WordPress sharing service. Then compare to the PDF (above) that I made using Print Friendly. The Print Friendly version surely is clean and readable, isn’t it?

All you have to do is add Print Friendly as a new sharing service to your blog!

And it’s super easy to do!

  • For a blog, Follow the 3 easy steps at: PRINTFRIENDLY BLOG. It’s literally as simple as A,B,C!
  • If you’re using, just install the PrintFriendly Plugin on your self-hosted blog.
  • For a blogger blog follow the instructions found at: PrintFriendly.

Or you can even print an article from any site! Just go to and copy the URL of the article into the “Enter a URL” box at the top of the PrintFriendly homepage. Click “Print Preview” which creates an editable preview, allowing you to remove unnecessary items and/or images. Then either print the document or save as a PDF.

But how does this actually work on a blog?

Basically, it works just the same. Start by scrolling down to the bottom of the post, where the sharing options are. A blog with the Print Friendly option will have a button reading “Print & PDF” or showing a printer. Just click that, and then edit and print the preview it generates. Give it a try, or watch it in action on the following video!

And I hope this post is as helpful to you as it will be to my husband!

[Video via PrintFriendly/YouTube]

[Image ©TheScorziellos]

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