Mission Italia’s Guest House

Many of you may not know that we also operate a guesthouse for people serving in Christian ministry: The Mission Italia Guesthouse! Which we make available as a time of physical rest, emotional renewal, or spiritual restoration.

We’d like you to help make our guesthouse known, so that more missionaries can learn about it, and be blessed by this opportunity.

Be sure to read our post on other Missionary Guesthouses too, based in various parts of the USA. And if you know of other guesthouses please let us know, so we can add them to the list!

Pass the word: The Mission Italia Guesthouse is open and ready for guests!

6 thoughts on “Mission Italia’s Guest House

      1. That would be lovely! And how could anyone not love Abruzzo? lol! It’s so beautiful!! God bless, dear sister. Oh, and please pray that God will send the people he wants us to minister to, and we’ll use it to his glory and as a blessing to his people!


    1. Tom, you have no idea how relaxing our quaint village is. Some visitors have actually complained about that! But we love it, as I’m sure anyone who yearns for tranquility would. I wish you could come too. But who knows? Maybe one day!!

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