My Heart’s Desire {Poem}

A Poem by Pastor Mario

Lord Jesus, you are my heart’s desire.
Nothing else in life can be by far.

Yet the pull of life is strong,
Stealing me from your song.

I lift my eyes and try to gaze,
But all I see are clouds and haze.

The blows upon my heart do fall
Which makes my mind a giant maze.

But in the silence I perceive
What my eyes cannot conceive.

Your Word is true, that comes to me
On the Spirit’s wings and sets me free.

Not my senses must I trust
For they my heart do deceive.

Jesus, Savior, you alone
Can lift, make stand, and reassure
That from my side you’ll never leave.

[Image ©TheScorziellos-Mario]

4 thoughts on “My Heart’s Desire {Poem}

  1. What encouraging poetry. We can be assured of his abiding presence. Your longing to be more aware of Him comes through so clearly.


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