A New Motto for Stewardship

A friend stepping into the office of a Christian business man one day, noticed that he was standing at his desk with his hands full of banknotes, which he was carefully counting, as he laid them down one by one.

After a brief silence the friend said: “Mr. H——, just count out ten pounds from that pile of notes and make yourself or some other person a life member of the Christian Giving Society”! He finished his count, and quickly replied, ‘I’m handling trust funds now!”

His answer instantly flashed a light on the entire work and life of a Christian, and the friend replied to his statement with the question, “Do you ever handle anything but trust funds?” If Christians would only realize that all that God gives us is ‘in trust,’ what a change would come over our use of money!

“I’m handling trust funds now.”

Let the merchant write the motto over his desk; the farmer over the income of his farm; the labourer over his wages; the professional man over his salary; the banker over his income; the housekeeper over her house expense purse; the boy and girl over “pocket money”— and what a change would be made in our life.

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A business man who had made a donation of one thousand pounds to a Christian enterprise, once said in the hearing of the writer — ‘I hold that a man is accountable for every sixpence he gets.’ There is the gospel idea of ‘trust funds.’ Let parents instruct and train their children to ‘handle trust funds’ as the stewards of God’s bounty, and there will be a new generation of Christians.

How are you doing at handling your trust funds?

Resource: The Biblical Illustrator, by assorted authors, is in the public domain. This post is a direct quote.

[Graphics ©TheScorziellos-Sheila]

2 thoughts on “A New Motto for Stewardship

  1. I love the reminder about the fact that everything we have was entrusted to us by God. We need to keep that in mind with all if our stuff in keeping and sharing it and how we use it. Thanks for sharing this great word.


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