Become our Prayer Partner! [Revised]

Little did we know when we came here, back in 1989, that Italy is known as the missionary graveyard. Or that most missionaries leave after only a few years because of depression, lack of results, bureaucracy, corruption, and cultural difficulties.

Many tend to think, because of the presence of the Catholic Church here, that the nation has no need of hearing the Gospel. But consider the following information.

  • In Italy, largely untouched by the Protestant Reformation, about 80% profess to be Christians, but only 3% practice their faith.
  • Italians are increasingly cynical about the church and Christianity.
  • Many Italians have left the church completely, choosing to follow other teachings, such as new age, communism, materialism, oriental religions, or Islam.
  • Superstition is widespread, and fortune tellers outnumber Catholic priests.
  • Italy is largely secular, postmodern, and post-Christian.
  • Only 1.1% of Italians are born again and live a life of personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s not an easy field, because of the increasing cynicalness about Christianity. But also because of the strife and division that plague the Italian church. And one could ask, “So why do you stay?” Because we believe in the power of prayer! And we believe that, through prayer, we will see hearts touched and lives changed by the power of the Gospel!

For this reason, we are calling for Prayer Partners.

What does being a Prayer Partner mean?

Simply that you signup for our mission news updates, and commit to keeping us and this nation in your prayers.

How can you become a Prayer Partner?
  • Just click on the SIGNUP link in the sidebar, or on this link.
  • Then choose which updates you’d like to receive via email: either mission news or blog posts. Or even both.

We had previously tried creating a members only section, but that required opening a WordPress account, and not everyone wants still one more account to keep track of. (And we don’t blame them!) But everyone has email! So we have closed that members only section. If you’d like to get our mission news updates, please subscribe via email! Thanks!

Our Mission News Updates

We’ll share more specific ministry related news, including: Ministry Newsletters, Prayer Requests, and Praise Reports. We’ll try (between time and commitments) to keep you all updated on specific prayer needs and how to best pray for Italy. Rest assured that we will not inundate your inbox. We don’t have that kind of time! 🙂

Thank you for keeping us and this nation in your prayers. We truly believe that they can change hearts.

Learn more here about how to pray for Italy.

[The above statistics are meant to give an impression, not to stigmatize.]

[Images ©TheScorziellos]

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