Wartime Lifestyle

The kingdom of God is one of the New Testament’s main themes. John the Baptist announced it and Christ entered Galilee teaching it. It was his message even after his resurrection, and also the message of the early Christians. They lived to put his kingdom first. Yet, it’s often one of the least discussed topics among Christians today.

The goal of our blog is that of challenging both ourselves and others to live for God’s kingdom — and not for good life.

As John Piper put it in an interview:

“What’s the difference between living for the Kingdom and living for the American dream? The essential difference is, What are you trying to make much of? Do you want to make much of Christ in the world, or do you want to make much of yourself, your business, or your family? What are you passionate about seeing exalted, praised and enjoyed?”

That shows what we are living for.

God calls us to live for his kingdom and to make sacrifices for it, as if in wartime. Or as Piper puts it, true kingdom living is a ‘wartime lifestyle.’

“In a wartime lifestyle you always ask yourself, How can my life count to advance the cause of Christ? And if it means buying a computer to keep in touch with your missionaries through email, then you’re going to invest several thousand dollars into a computer and software. That’s a wartime lifestyle. But you might not eat out as often, or you might buy a used car so that you can buy that computer. That’s what I mean by wartime lifestyle. The alternative is to just go with the flow. Everybody gets his toys: bigger house and car, more clothing, more fine food, etc., without even thinking about how the war effort is advancing.” (John Piper, What’s the Difference Between Living for the Kingdom and Living for the American Dream?)

True kingdom living takes investing everything toward its advancement. And it means changing the very heart of how we live, especially in these main sectors:

Walking with God | Biblical Stewardship | Christlike Relationships | Love in Action | Ministry

Because it’s so easy to just drift along, comfortable in our leisure, this blog helps stay on the right path. And it is our hope that it may also help you in keeping Christ and his kingdom at the center of your life.

Only one life,’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last, (C.T. Studd, missionary to the Belgian Congo).

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