Learn About Italy

If you love Italy and all things Italian, check out our new blog: Italy my Italy (Living Italy since 1989). A place to learn all about Italy — places to see, things to do, holidays, festivals, history, people. (And eventually recipes!) But especially a place for knowing the Real Italy — the Italy we’ve lived and loved every day since 1989!

You may have noticed, perhaps, that we had posts about Italy on this blog. But they seemed rather out of place for a blog on Christian living. Yet Italy is engraved in our hearts, now and forever. And we know that many of you also love to learn more about our nation, and we’re sure you’ll like it!

So with that, you are invited to join us at Italy my Italy, and keep Italy in your heart too!

6 thoughts on “Learn About Italy

  1. I have travelled to Italy twice. I fell in love with places like Sorrento, Florence, Napoli and of course Venice. But one place I hope I will one day visit, God willing, is Sardinia.😊
    Blessings, I enjoy reading your blog.
    In Christ,


    1. Oh, I’m so glad you enjoy our blog. I love yours too! Out of those places, my favorite is Sorrento, perhaps because my husband is from that region. If you do want to learn about this great land, be sure to follow Italy my Italy.com! An insider’s view of the Bel Paese!! God bless, Sheila

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  2. Just followed! I spent 10 days in Italy some years ago, as that is where we vacationed. A little town on the Adriatic named Cattolica. It was awesome; we stayed on on of those full room and board Pensions. What was funny, was the place was primarily a vacation destination for German tourist, so all of the talking was mix of Italian, German, and English as the various people know.


    1. Yes Cattolica is a nice place, but very frequented by foreigners. We lived in that area for many years. But (perhaps I’m a bit partial) but our area of Abruzzo is much nicer, and the beaches less crowded! Maybe you can make it to Abruzzo some day!! Thanks for follow, it’s much appreciated!


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