No One is Useless {The Tale of a Misfit Tree}

Do you sometimes feel like a misfit or useless? Or even worse, think of others as such? We cannot see behind the scenes, and neither can others. Others did not notice the poor widow in the temple who gave most of her income away. But God notices these and many other little, seemingly insignificant acts. 

Whether doing great and mighty works seen by many. Or serving quietly in their own little corner, everyone counts. Just as the following simple story illustrates.

The Tale of the Misfit Tree

“Seeing a tree grow somewhat irregular in a very neat orchard,” says Mr. Flavel, “I told the owner it was a pity that that tree should stand there, and that if it were mine I would root it up, and thereby reduce the orchard to an exact uniformity.”

“He replied, that he rather regarded the fruit than the form, and that this slight inconvenience was abundantly preponderated by a more considerable advantage. ‘This tree, which you would root up, hath yielded me more fruit than many of those trees which have nothing else to recommend them but their regular situation.’ I could not,” adds Mr. Flavel, “but yield to the reason of this answer, and could wish it had been spoken so loud that all our conformity men had heard it, who would not stick to root up many hundreds of the best learners in the Lord’s orchard because they stand not in exact order with other more conformable but less beneficial trees, who destroy the fruit to preserve the form.”

“Such, alas, is the prejudice of our minds, that we are too prone to condemn those who do not view things exactly as we do. We lay down plans and rules for ourselves, and then blame others if they do not follow them. Too often also are we mistaken in our opinions of others, and imagine that they are only cumberers of the ground, when probably they bring forth the fruits of righteousness in greater abundance than ourselves. W. Buck”The Biblical Illustrator (a direct quote); in the Public Domain.

Don’t try to chop down the Lord’s fruit trees. See the beauty of uniqueness instead!

If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together. ,” 1 Corinthians 12:26.

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9 Replies to “No One is Useless {The Tale of a Misfit Tree}”

  1. So well said and should bring many of us under conviction for judging a person who may appear to be idle! None of us knows with certainty what call the Lord has on someone’s life and I think from scripture it seems clear He is more interested in the heart and what is not done for public consumption than those who seek to be known for their ministry! Well done, my friends!!

    1. Ha, that’s a good one, Shari. Never thought about it before, but I guess I probably do that sometimes too. Yet all the Lord really calls us to do is to be faithful right where he’s planted us, and to do what he puts across our path. And he is pleased with any service, large or small, if done wholeheartedly! Be blessed, Sheila

  2. Thank you – this is a very important thing to remember. I was recently judging someone at my church, thinking that they were shallow, and then found out that they pray for others everyday at their workplace. “God opposes the arrogant but gives grace to the humble.”

    1. Thank YOU, for this example. I’m afraid we do this far more often than we are even aware of. May God help us to be more conscious of our attitudes and help us to transform them through his word!! Be blessed, Sheila

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