Our Winter News 2018

Yes, our Winter newsletter is finally up. We seem to have a pretty hard time remaining consistent about this. I have finally realized that it is because Mario and I are not flashy people with a flashy ministry. We’re just normal people, and much of our life here is just normal everyday stuff. So it’s often hard to know what to say. 

BUT we do do serve an extraordinary God and he does do extraordinary things – in spite of us!! AND WE SO APPRECIATE ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!

God truly is doing marvelous things! So please rejoice with us for this, and continue to keep us in your prayers…

You can read our Winter News right here, by scrolling in the embed box below. Or click here to read the full-page version online. And thanks once again for all that you do for us!! 

Our Winter News

May God continue to bless you all richly!

4 Replies to “Our Winter News 2018”

  1. What a delight to read your newsletter, to learn of the opportunities opening up to you: in your summer village, with Mario’s adult students, in your community as relationships are built, and more. “With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see” — Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Your perseverance and positive attitude are an encouragement to me, Sheila!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement Nancy! But I’m not always positive and on top…just human. In fact, this past week has been a bit trying and got me a little down. Good thing we know who to go when life is like that! – Sheila

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