Happy Birthday Pinocchio! [Video]

We're celebrating Pinocchio's 30th birthday, so let's talk about noses! Have¬†you ever measured your nose? My husband Mario once won First Place for the prize nose at a party! Hey, he's Italian, so what do you expect? ūüėČ But at least he doesn't have a Pinocchio nose! Do you?¬†You do know what¬†having one means, don't [...]

Come Celebrate the Dark Ages! [Video]

Many view long gone eras¬†wistfully. Thinking, or at least hoping, that surely life was better then.¬†But what causes such nostalgia for the past¬†‚ÄĒ especially for the Middle Ages?¬†What in the world would make us celebrate the Dark Ages? And what was there to celebrate? We know that most people then lived in extreme poverty. They [...]

God’s Call to Obscurity

I don't know about you, but I'm concerned and saddened over celebrity Christianity, which seems to come mostly (sad to say) from my USA homeland. Perhaps because I haven't lived there in so long (28 years precisely), it seems off-kilter to me. And lately, Paul's exhortation to the Thessalonians keeps running through my mind. And to [...]

Celebrate Mother’s Day Italian Style! [Audio]

So,  just how do you celebrate Mother's Day Italian style? Well, no where in the world, perhaps, are mothers as much celebrated as in Italy. In fact, Mother's Day almost seems made for the Italian mamma! Many Italian's nearly idolize their mother, and she's never far from their lips. From the simple phrase Mamma Mia (Oh my [...]