Our Spring and Summer News 2018

We’ve decided to only do newsletters twice a year (unless we have particular news to report). Because we also put happenings here on the blog, and on Facebook, where you can Follow our Public Posts! Stay in touch with us us through Facebook!

A lot has been going on, and we are happy to report that we continually see God’s hand at work in the hearts and lives of people. Prayer is what makes this happen!! So please continue to pray for us and the people here. And thank you for all you do for us!  Continue reading “Our Spring and Summer News 2018”

Our Winter News 2018

Yes, our Winter newsletter is finally up. We seem to have a pretty hard time remaining consistent about this. I have finally realized that it is because Mario and I are not flashy people with a flashy ministry. We’re just normal people, and much of our life here is just normal everyday stuff. So it’s often hard to know what to say.  Continue reading “Our Winter News 2018”