From Lumps of Clay & Pottery Making

Here in the western world, we no longer use pottery for much, other than plant pots and decorating. But potters and pottery played an important and vital role in Bible times. The ancient peoples utilized clay pots and jars for a variety of purposes. For everything from plates and cooking pots, to storage and shipping containers. [...]

High Taxes: Must We Pay Them?

Poll tax, salt tax, and crown tax! Wherever they went, along major highways, at city gates, or along quiet country roads, the Israelites encountered the tax booth. The main symbol of foreign domination, and that which most stirred their indignation. Foreign taxation was nothing new to them, but the unscrupulous dealings of the Roman tax-farmers and [...]

Bring an Empty Jug

Rabbis in Christ's time used the following saying to express their disdain of Galilee. They proudly viewed southern Judea, with its traditional lore and religious academies, as far superior to the north. And could find no words strong enough to express their arrogant dislike of their northern Galilean cousins, from Nazareth in particular. If any one [...]

Galilee and the Man from Galilee

Galilee, a name both well-known and loved by many of us around the world. But in Christ's time, the rabbis and religious leaders looked on Galilee with disdain. They viewed Judah proper, with its traditional lore and academic excellence, as far superior. The Galileans, they felt, were nothing but hot-headed country bumpkins. And their prejudice extended to all [...]