Happy Birthday Pinocchio! [Video]

We're celebrating Pinocchio's 30th birthday, so let's talk about noses! Have¬†you ever measured your nose? My husband Mario once won First Place for the prize nose at a party! Hey, he's Italian, so what do you expect? ūüėČ But at least he doesn't have a Pinocchio nose! Do you?¬†You do know what¬†having one means, don't [...]

Come Celebrate the Dark Ages! [Video]

Many view long gone eras¬†wistfully. Thinking, or at least hoping, that surely life was better then.¬†But what causes such nostalgia for the past¬†‚ÄĒ especially for the Middle Ages?¬†What in the world would make us celebrate the Dark Ages? And what was there to celebrate? We know that most people then lived in extreme poverty. They [...]

Celebrate Mother’s Day Italian Style! [Audio]

So,  just how do you celebrate Mother's Day Italian style? Well, no where in the world, perhaps, are mothers as much celebrated as in Italy. In fact, Mother's Day almost seems made for the Italian mamma! Many Italian's nearly idolize their mother, and she's never far from their lips. From the simple phrase Mamma Mia (Oh my [...]

Italian Liberation Day: Celebrating Freedom

A cold invasion has hit Italy. Ruining for many, one of the nation's typical annual picnic days. Which has me wondering if every nation has traditional picnic days. I really only know about the U.S. and Italy. Americans, of course, are familiar with Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, among others. But ask [...]

Italy’s Trabocchi {And a Special Gift}

Our local coastline, known as Italy's Trabocchi Coast, is quite unique because of the special fishing docks along its shores. Many of which have been transformed into elegant restaurants! So just imagine this scenario. A beautiful day, warm and sunny. A romantic 40th anniversary dinner for two. Wine glasses clinking on one of the trabocchi [...]

The April Fools’ Spaghetti Hoax [Video]

April Fools' Day in Italy is called Pesce d'Aprile, or April Fool Fish. It literally translates as April's Fish, and stems from a school children's custom of sticking a paper fish on the back of a school mate. As he or she is the only one who doesn't know about the fish, that person then becomes the April Fish, [...]