In our years since our arrival here in 1989, we have been blessed to be involved in various ministries. Evangelism, drug rehabilitation, church planting, pastoring, teaching, with youth and children, translating, counseling, and ministries for men, women, and families.

We are currently working at bringing the Gospel message to the people where we live in Abruzzo, and in the area where our second base is located near Salerno in the Campagna region. In addition, we serve in our local church here preaching, teaching, mentoring, and encouraging other believers.

Our vision

Our two-fold vision to bring God’s word to the Italian people, and to encourage his people to reignite their first love for him and glorify him in every area of their lives.

Our purpose

Is to show the Italian people that they can have assurance regarding their eternal destiny, and a living vibrant relationship with Christ in the here and now. And to help believers discover the joy and blessing of giving their all for the One who gave his all for us.

Italy is a needy land of seeking hearts.

Italy is a multi-faceted land, blending tradition with modernity, and timeless monuments with modern Ferraris. A land with many churches, rich in religious symbolism, yet plagued by occultism and secularism. A people longing for assurance but sadly lacking, in many places, a truly Bible-based message. Italy truly is a needy land of seeking hearts.

  • Only 1.1% of Italians claim to have a personal relationship with Christ. Please pray that they may come to know him as their personal Savior.
  • Italians are increasingly cynical about faith and react with apathy or rejection toward anything related to Christianity. Please pray for spiritual hunger.
  • Evangelical churches are plagued by division and polarization. Please pray that God may bring peace and unity.

Mission Italia is a ministry of Open Door Church, Suffolk VA 23434 USA.

We have served under them for 20+ years and owe them an immense debt of gratitude for their constant and faithful support. Our work here is not possible without their help, love, and prayers.

And we continue to rely on the help prayers of God’s people. Please keep us and Italy in your prayers. Prayer makes the difference!

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