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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us!

We make every reasonable effort to protect your data from unauthorized use. And we endeavor to treat personal data in compliance with privacy laws.

How we use your data:

We collect personal data for the express purpose of enabling you to discover and read this site.

We do NOT share personal data:

However, data may be given to law enforcement at our discretion. Data may also be collected by analytic services and other third-party services.

Duration of data collected:

Personal data is stored on our servers and may be kept indefinitely.

Cookies Policy

Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies to personalize your online experience here. Cookies are a string of information or digital footprint that is left by online activity. If you only click around, reading pages, your footprint will be vague. If you leave comments, sign up for something, etc. the data is sometimes specifically tied to you and your identity. Learn more at WordPress Cookies, and at All About Cookies.

How to Disable Cookies:

If you do not wish to have cookies placed on your computer you should set your browser to refuse cookies before using this Website. With the drawback that certain features may not function properly without the aid of cookies.