Website Assistance for Missionaries

Mission Italia provides limited support in blog and/or website setup to qualified missionaries and other full-time Christian workers who need help in creating and setting up their own website or blog. This free service to you is part our ministry, but is limited to sites using the WordPress platform, as that is the platform we know best.

You’re not a computer geek?

You don’t have to be; that’s where we come in. We’re not computer geeks either, but WordPress is fairly simple to use. All you really need is basic computer skills and a desire to share your ministry beyond the standard few newsletters per year. And we’re willing to help walk you through the initial process, and get you up and running in relatively little time!

Our purpose in offering this assistance.

Developing your online presence can seem quite overwhelming at first. I know — I’ve been there. So we’d like to encourage you along the way, and save you the long hours it took me to figure it all out on my own! And also to help you solidify your vision and goals in having and keeping a site.

But why should you start a blog/website?

  1. Mostly because your supporters want to know about your life, family, work, and nation.
  2. It has become the most effective (and rapid) tool to communicate with those from your sending nation and the world-at-large.
  3. It helps them feel connected to you and your work, and vice versa.
  4. Blog posts are more creative and engaging than the usual formal (and sometimes stuffy) newsletters.
  5. Blog posts are much cheaper and easier to send.
  6. It can even help you gain a much wider prayer support base, and prayer is the most valuable gift anyone can give a missionary.

What kind of help do we provide?

We limit assistance to WordPress websites hosted on because that is the platform we know best. We are not webmasters, but fairly adept WordPress users. A fact demonstrated, we believe, by this website. And our prices (free) can’t be beat!

And because WordPress has modern, eye-catching sites, and is also flexible and easy to use. If you already have a website hosted elsewhere, WordPress supports importing content from various platforms.

You do need internet. This may seem unnecessary to state, but we we know that many missionaries work in areas with sketchy internet service. During setup you will probably need a fairly good connection. But updating and maintaining it usually requires very little bandwidth. And you can even write posts offline, and post later by using WordPress mobile apps.

How does our assistance work?

Please note that our Website Assistance does not mean that we will create a website for you. There are plenty of professionals that offer those services. Our assistance is limited to correspondence via email, or via live chat (whichever you prefer), and limited to our availability at the moment.

Basically, we’d like to be there for you in the initial setup process, offering advice and answering questions along the way. We will NOT have actual access to your website (other than viewing it as any other user). But we will try, to the best of our ability, to provide you with helpful answers, and steps to take.

We offer assistance (to the best of our ability) in the following ways:
  • Choosing a domain name.
  • Initial site setup, including choice of a suitable template; WordPress offers hundreds of them for free!
  • Choosing between a static, informational webpage or one that includes an active, running blog.
  • Customizing your site with your own profile picture, custom header image, and existing logo.
  • Deciding how public to make your blog. You can choose to limit it to approved readers or open it to the public.
  • Making an About page, Contact page, and other necessary pages.
  • Learning to write and publish your first post.
  • Learning how to upload images and embed videos.
  • Connecting your blog to the WordPress supported social networks.
  • Hiding individual posts or pages, making them password protected. Especially useful for those who work in a sensitive part of the world.
  • And more advice along the way, if needed.

How do you get started?

To get started, please submit our initial Website Assistance Request form. This includes some basic information about you, your ministry, and the services you offer (or would like to offer). As well as the domain name and website name you’d like to use.

After review of your request, we will try to inform you of our decision as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. If we are unable to offer assistance, we’ll send you a list of services that might possibly suit your needs.

The next step, if we agree to assistance you, will be for you to fill out a basic questionnaire about what kind of sight you envision, including the styles and colors you prefer, and which information you’d like to show in your sidebar and menu(s).

Submit your Request Form Here →

You must agree to our Terms of Service before submitting a request.

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