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Mission Italia is an evangelical, non-denominational
mission serving Christ and his church since 1989.

We endeavor to reach souls, make disciples,
and establish bodies of believers where none exist.

Mario and Sheila Scorziello


texas-crop-3Mission Italia got its start in 1989 when we came to Italy with a burden to carry the gospel to Mario’s homeland. Little did we know then that Italy is known as the missionary graveyard. Or that most missionaries leave after only a few years because of depression, lack of results, bureaucracy, corruption, and cultural difficulties. But God has been faithful and enabled us to stick it out.

About us

We are qualified as ordained ministers and certified Christian counselors. But any results we’ve seen have come as a result of God’s grace and goodness. And he has enabled us to serve in the capacities of: pastoring, teaching, discipleship, evangelism, counseling, children’s ministry, youth ministry, drug rehabilitation, refugee work, and church planting. Please pray that he will continue to use us for his glory.

Our present work

refugee-pastorWe are currently working to establish bodies of believers here in Abruzzo where we live, and in Campania, where we have a second base. The Lord has also opened doors for us to aid and mentor African refugees. Please keep them and the refugee situation, which is creating havoc in Europe, in prayer.

people-to-reachWe also work at encouraging the Italian church through teaching, discipleship, and counseling. Especially our church here in Abruzzo, and the two churches we helped plant in Sassuolo Modena and Fondi Latina. We covet prayer that God would use us as instruments of peace and unity amidst the division and polarization that plagues the Italian church.


sweet-toothless-grannyPost-Christian Europe, darkened by long centuries of ritual religion and tradition, reacts with apathy or rejection toward anything related to Christianity. So having jobs helps us fit in and creates natural opportunities for us to share Christ’s love. Mario works as an ESL teacher. While I (Sheila) am privileged to reach out to neighbors, and encourage believers at Daily Espresso — A call to Wide-Awake Intentional Living.

Our Tent-Making Strategy

Post-Christian Europe is mostly non-Christian. Less than 2% of Europeans, and only 1.1% of Italians, claim to have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. For the most part European culture is materialistic, secular, post-modern, and atheistic. And unlike other European countries, Italy never felt the impact of the reformation, and has languished in the shadow of Roman Catholicism.

This creates specific challenges. Just opening a church and waiting for people to come in doesn’t always work well, especially in smaller towns. They need to first know we love them and feel they can trust us. So we strive to enter the culture, get involved in society, and in people’s lives. Because love in action always breaks through and can reach them with Christ’s love. Love never fails.

What Friends Say

Praise God for burdening your hearts to share His love with those who have been forgotten by the rest of the world. The Lord has not forgotten … He has sent you there. Praying for you and for the advancement of the gospel. — Ai at Less to More


I don’t think I will look at an espresso the same, because now I will be thinking of you and Mario Yes, I would say, I truly desire and would delight in an espresso life. Thank you for being an encouragement and writing so creatively that touches hearts. Our Lord richly bless you, Anne Marie … Continue reading Anne Marie

Anne Marie

Since it is only what is done for Christ that will last, you have built up a wonderful legacy here on earth! How honored I am that you have found and are now following my blog. I can’t wait to read more and get to know you even better! Blessings from Ellie, New Creation Ministries.


I’ve done a lot of short term missions work (including Europe) and talked to other ‘tent making’ missionaries about the need to live among the people, just as you are doing. So I appreciate what you’re doing and love reading about your journey and perspective. Thank you for sharing!


I enjoy your blog and love your style of writing. It is clear and easy to follow. I have done a lot of short term missions work (including Erfurt Germany which I am assuming is similar to your spiritual culture) and have talked to other “tent making” missionaries about the need to live among people … Continue reading Juleene