DIY Liquid Soap Nuts & Dish Soap

I already shared on using 100% organic Soap Nuts for laundry. So be sure to check out How to Do Laundry Almost Free, Naturally! Why spend needlessly on laundry products? But today I’m going to tell you how to make your own soap nuts liquid, and turn it into organic dish soap! That you can also use to clean your whole house! And save even more money!  Continue reading “DIY Liquid Soap Nuts & Dish Soap”

Our Summer Village: Beyond Forgotten

There is but one road leading to the isolated town, our summer village. A place little touched by time, by technology’s progress, or by the frenetic pace of getting ahead. Thirteen years had passed since our last visit. And though fewer, we found the inhabitants much the same. The wrinkled faces of the old had changed; many we knew before passed on. Yet they were the same. The same lines of suffering and hardship.  Continue reading “Our Summer Village: Beyond Forgotten”

Making Posts Printer-Friendly! [Video]

Have you ever thought about printing your posts? Or like me, do you wonder, “Why would anyone want to print posts, except for recipes or tutuorials?” Well, it was my husband who started my search for a better print option. He’d been after me for a while a long time to print the posts out for him. But getting a decent looking page took time and work, so I left it on the back burner.  Continue reading “Making Posts Printer-Friendly! [Video]”