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We’re the Scorziellos, missionaries in Italy since 1989.

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About Us

We’re Mario & Sheila, happily married with 2 children and 9 grandchildren. Our missionary journey started with Mario’s burden of returning to his homeland to share the Good News with his people, and we’ve been here ever since, sharing the deep love Christ has for every soul, and the joy that we find in walking with him. Thank you for visiting!

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About Our Ministry

Our goal is to spread the light of Christ’s light and truth in Italy, and to disciple believers to lead lives transformed for the glory of God.

Our purpose is three-fold, and it motivates everything we do:
  1. To glorify God by applying Biblical principles to our everyday lives.
  2. To share the gospel with others so they may know Christ personally.
  3. To disciple believers to walk in the light of God’s word.
Mission Italia is a ministry of Open Door Church, Suffolk VA 23434 USA.
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Our Distinctives

Our identity as a ministry is expressed mainly through 5 distinctive values. At every level, we commit to practicing these values in all of life.

  1. Lead a lifestyle which places God’s kingdom first.
  2. Walk in faith established by every word of God.
  3. Develop loving relationships by honoring others more than ourselves.
  4. To become a family that leaves a legacy of faith.
  5. Transform society and culture by reaching out with God’s love and grace.  

These are the values and distinctives which establish the foundation for our home, work, ministry, and lifestyle. Values which we have found lead others to say, “Tell me more about this peace and joy you have found!”

We invite you to join us on this journey of a lifetime!

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Where we Work: Our Two Bases

Our Home Base in Abruzzo

A peaceful village, nestled in the foothills between the Appenine mountains and Adriatic seacoast near Vasto. A region which is truly beautiful, but in so many ways by-passed and forgotten — even with the Gospel of Christ. We’re here trying to make sure that the Gospel does not pass Abruzzo by! (Learn more about our villages here.)

Our Summer Base in Campania

Our summer base, Mario’s ancestral home, is near Sala Consilina in the Salerno province. In this lonely abandoned village which slowly dying off, the people feel forgotten and hopeless. This is where we spend summers and holidays, sharing God’s message of hope, to show that they are not forgotten!