About Us

We, Mario and Sheila Scorziello, have been serving on the mission field of Italy since 1989. We have also been happily married 44 years, and have two adult children and nine grandchildren.

Founded in 1989

Responding to God’s call of bringing the Good News to Mario’s people, we set out for Italy in May of 1989.

In our years here we have been blessed to serve as pastors, and in church planting, evangelism, translating, interpreting, counseling, drug rehabilitation, jail ministry, and ministry to youth, children, men, women, and families.

After helping to establish a church in Emilia Romagna and another in Lazio, we currently work in Abruzzo and Campania, seeking to reach hearts with the Gospel, and encouraging churches and believers around Italy.

Where We Serve

Abruzzo (left) where we live most of the year, and Campania (right) where we spend the summers, in Mario’s ancestral birth home.


Our main town is nestled in Abruzzo’s foothills between mountains and the Adriatic coast. A beautiful but forgotten region, largely unreached with the liberating power of the Gospel. Abruzzo needs your prayers.


Our summer village in the lonely remote mountains of Salerno’s Cilento area is beautiful, but beyond forgotten. We go there to show the people that they are not forgotten, and we covet your prayers for them.

Please pray with us for Italy.

This is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and him whom you sent, Jesus Christ.

John 17:3 WEB

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